Georgia Insurance Reduction Class

Georgia Insurance Reduction Class

Georgia Insurance Reduction Class

Want to learn how you can get a car insurance discount? In many cases, insurers will give you a discount if you complete a defensive driving or traffic safety class.

By taking this class online, you may qualify for the discount. To receive these benefits, you must be over 25, insured in the state of Georgia, and have a clean driving record.

Here’s how you save time with ##C and M’s Online Course:

  • Start your class immediately after registration
  • Complete the course at any time with 24/7 access
  • Log off when you like and return to the same place
  • Take your time and complete the course in up to 90 days
  • No driving to and from class or having to rearrange your schedule

Georgia ##C and M Course

Note: ##C and M DUI Defensive Driving School is state certified#2250. However, this course may still satisfy a speeding ticket or court requirement you have. It may also qualify you for an insurance discount. Please contact your individual court or auto insurance company to verify.

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