Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


1). What days do you have class and how much are your classes?

Our current classes range from $95-$360 per session and are held Wednesday through Sunday

2).How do I sign up for classes?

Step One: Please contact our office via phone 678-358-6112 or email

Multiple DUI Evaluations are handled a bit differently and may require an in-depth collateral interview with family members and close friends.

Step Two: The assessment will consist of an interview that is designed gather information about your history and the incident and to sign other program forms. After the interview, you will be provided with days and times to select the group you will be attending. At that time, a letter of confirming your enrollment in the program will be forwarded to the appropriate referral source (if needed).

Step Three: You will participate in an orientation that will describe how to get the most out of the program, program rules, and answer your questions or concerns.

Step Four: You will start on the date, day and time you selected. Once starting the program, you must keep us informed of your compliance hearing with the court or with your probation officer in order to receive a letter verifying your attendance. Also, you will be asked to update your address and phone number regularly during your enrollment.

Step Five: Failure to attend the groups, repeat offenses, or unexcused absences will initiate contact with your referral source regarding your status.

3). What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and Visa/Master Cards

4).If I sign up for classes and/or take an evaluation will I get a something to show proof for court/probation officer?

A compliance letter can be provided to you and/or faxed to the court and/or probation officer upon request. A copy of the same letter will be placed in your client file.

5).I am currently unemployed but I am court ordered to complete classes?

There is a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. In addition we have flexible payment plans.

6).Can I pay for my classes in advance?

Yes, a credit will be placed on your account but you will not receive credit for the classes until you attend each class.

7).My work/school schedule does not allow me to attend any of your scheduled classes?

There are alternative scheduling options available (call for additional information).

8).I was only required to take an evaluation…I do not need any classes?

The evaluation process is used to diagnose an individual’s need for treatment and if indicated, refer the individual to appropriate treatment. The evaluation involves gathering information about family history, educational and employment history, emotional history,substance abuse history, current offense(s), etc.

9).Can I transfer my classes from another agency to your agency?

Yes, however you must be in good standing with the previous program. If you are not in good standing with the previous program you will be required to enroll as a new client. Please contact us via phone 678-358-6112 or through the website for additional information.

10).I was charged with “possession of illegal drugs”, why do I need to complete a clinical evaluation?

If you received criminal charges including but not limited to possession of illegal drugs, reckless driving, DUI, multiple DUI’s, and habitual DUI violators then you are required to have a DUI Clinical Evaluation.

11).What happens during a clinical evaluation?

The evaluation process includes a face-to-face interview process conducted by a Georgia DBHDD) approved licensed or certified professional who is certified in the field of addiction that lasts approximately 45 min-1 hour in time which involves gathering information about family history, educational and employment history, emotional history, substance abuse history, and administering clinical questionnaires. Information gathered in the interview is used to produce a written clinical report, which includes a summary and treatment recommendations (if any). If there is no treatment recommended, the evaluator would submit this information to the state and you would receive a “Requirements Met” Certificate directly from (DBHDD) to your home address.The clinical reports are generally 5 to 10 pages in length. At your request, this report a can be sent directly to your attorney or probation officer (you are required to sign a consent to release information form).